Grigio has arrived from UK …

Collected Grigio from DVS Barcelona !

After a few name suggestions, Allen’s brother Martin came up with the perfect name …. Grigio for our scooter, perfect 😊 Love it ! Along with Pinot and our bikes .. no they don’t have names ha ha the travelling family is now complete. Allen wanted a blow up Kayak at one stage !!! To which I firmly said no way !!!!!! Enough !!!!!ha ha 

After a few detours courtesy of our Sat Nav, Allen found the huge DVS transport premises and collected our new addition. We then made our way 40 K’s south of Barcelona to the coastal resort of Sitges … which will be our base for the next week. We do need to slow down, but it’s so hard when you come to a new place we feel we have to see all on offer !!! Honestly we both have not read one whole book since  started this adventure. Now we have our scooter we have even more flexibility getting around but have agreed we still need our push bike and walking days to keep us relatively fit from all the good food and wine we are consuming 😊 and that we are certainly doing quite a bit of. Actually one little bonus with Grigio is we can fit 9 bottles of plonk into her. As well as petrol of course

First day we explored Sitges town situated in the Catalunia region, well known for its international film festival, Carnival and its gay and lesbian visitors ( said to be the most  gay friendliest in the world?) especially in the summer months. Lots of history, started back in the 4th century, not gays , although that probably did too,museums, quaint lanes and amazing restaurants and  bars…lots to see and do. Sorry history lessons are Allen’s domain so no historical facts.

Sitges Port

The bus stops  right outside our campsite El Garrofer and goes into the centre of Barcelona and stops at the top of the la Rambla.( great site and so quiet hardly anybody here.. thanks Paul for this recommendation.

Justspent a few hours in the city one day as we have had the pleasure of visiting this vibrant city a couple of times in years gone by. First with a visit to the colourful Mercat De La Boqueria just off the The la Rambla 

Look at the size of the Octopus

Chilli’ galore

Eat me .. Eat me .. oh go on then !

The prettiest of egg display’s

A great way to sample the local delicacies

Then onto the Cathedral where we encountered a parade of music and dance a visit to la sagrada familia which seemL to be a never ending project, (Maybe it’s intentional to keep the tourists returning)we first saw it 20 Years ago and it never stops evolving!a few more stops, legs getting sore time to head back to Sitges.

In between all this hard work exploring we do have to do a few chores 😂😂

How cute is this ironing board !!

Yes, sometimes you do have to iron as not all clothing can go without a freshen up now again. Lyndy loo you will appreciate this 😊 Caroline will be thinking we are insane ! 

Had my first alfresco haircut the other day .. very easy to clean up after and my new stylist Al Pal did a great job once more. Must have been funny for the passers by seeing me all gowned up !  Could have put a sign up 10 euros a cut ?

A week here is going by very quickly…

Start of a cycle to a winery

Loving my Remoska oven which Allenrough back from the UK when he was there a few weeks ago, such a worthwhile investment…and of course Allen is enjoying using it too

Sat here outside at present with candle burning and John Mayer latest album playing at present with a very expensive white and Allen a red ( 2 and 3 euro ‘s and tastes sooo good) Allen cooking up a storm with the Remoska in Pinot, perfect evening  under the stars with a warm blanket around my shoulders to keep the chill out. We are at least 150 Mtrs away from the nearest mo ho. could it be be Allen’s’ music or is it that they all want to be near the loo’s, oldies with weak bladders…… Allen says it’s because we have GB plates and the rest are from France, Germany, Netherlands and given Brexit  thinks the poms are a bit on the nose…… ha ha

Went on Grigio today to Villa Franca the start of the wine trail .Vistied the museum of wine which was very interestingWhat we thought was so sad was all the Graffiti on some of the beautiful churches, high youth unemployment gives them too much free time of their hands.Had not planned to come to Sitges but picking up the scooter our plans changed. Glad they did ….😊

Until next time xx

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  1. Loved the photos and yes Grigio is beautiful (I want one!!!) All those market photos! At least you can appreciate the beauty of those crustaceans Amanda! You have certainly taken to life on the road with a vengeance. Love hearing the travels xx

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  2. Better use for that ironing board would be to convert it into a surf board!!

    We ar enjoying our last weekend on the Med before we head inland up towards Zaragosa and San Sebastián and north into France. Crossing back to the UK on 8th April and back to Orkney by early May.

    Keep in touch and see you somewhere along the MoHo road. Happy Travels

    Pat & John

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