2 days in Peniscola … Costa Del AzaHar one day more eventful than the other !

This could have been a very different image !!!

Left Devesa Gardens campsite (not impressed, not our cup of tea but sure if you had a young family it would be perfect) and headed for our next stop en route to Barcelona. Allen did a fantastic job manoeuvring  through Valencia. All the while I am thinking thank god I am not allowed to drive this machine ! ( can’t remember by law why not, but I not going to query it) Allen joked about the Oranges in the last post but the trees are full at present and everywhere you look there are hundreds and thousands around and of course Valencian oranges you would expect no less. Great scenery along the way it’s hard not to turn off and explore each high lighted tourist area ….

Arrived into Peniscola (very unfortunate name, of course if Allen was writing this post he would not have been so tame 😊) around lunch time and found a lovely campsite just 90 meters from the beach (Camp Eden ) 

Peniscola Castle , El Cid and More recently Game of Thrones have been filmed here.

picked and paid for our pitch only to find a lovely Frenchman had decided he liked it better and had parked and had started up packing ! In an ever so polite way Allen asked him to move, as we had been allotted this spot. No, he said our motorhome would not fit go find another one ! ha ha well you can imagine Al Pal politeness was wearing thin now so through gritted smiling teeth he said move now !! Ooo our first frosty French man we have encountered. Bikes unloaded and time to explore Peniscola Castle/Fort and the surrounding area

Day 2 .. . After a leisurely coffee near the harbour, picnic packed and map in hand we decided today we would hike up into the Serra d’Irta mountain ranges. Started with a gentle incline that got a bit tougher as we went up. Passing Almond trees with the last of the blossom and hundreds of Olive trees abound. Arriving at Sant Antoni our first stop.  Brilliant views down to Peniscola Castle and beyond. Unpacked the picnic which we were well and truly ready for and sat for a while to enjoy the view…..Time to do a selfie, with the timer on our camera we wanted to capture a picture with us both in it of this wonderful vista,  I climbed on the wall and Al set the timer, and ran (very fast ) to the wall… to say he was lucky is an understatement and in the blink of an eye this fab photo could have had such a different outcome.. I screamed at the last minute as he was jumping on the wall that there was a shear drop below !! He managed to grip on to the rock and steady himself. Both feeling very sick as to the thought of what could have happened  we had to sit awhile and regroup!! ( thought of Kit, Caroline x) very very scary.

Anyway scare over it was time to enjoy the day and we certainly did that 

Lunch stop Sant Antoni, high up in the Irta ranges.. had the place to ourselves

Feeling very relieved 😌

Scare over … back to enjoying the day

On with our hike further up into the mountains, Allen and I were the only ones up there and it was just beautiful.we had been walking now for four hours and because it was just so good we kept on walking and walking until whoopsie we had taken a wrong turn. Finally getting  back on track or so we thought we came to this !!!

Are you serious !!!

you have got to be joking, we had come too far to turn back and said Allen forward !!! Arrrrrrh known as the cattle track. I was petrified and how I didn’t break an ankle at the speed we went down was unbelievable, I cried twice sure we were going to be attacked by bulls ! It didn’t help Allen turning around and saying stay near me and keep quiet and any sort of cave we passed pointing to it with his finger over his lip. The worst bit was when we passed the feeding trough. Could have been a fab pic but forget it not stopping for anything ha ha anyway we survived of course and not a bull in sight. Another great day.

Until next time xx

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  1. Sounds way worse than our Vespa story in Italy 🐍🐍
    Walked our little legs off today around San Fran. I’m exhausted 😴

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