Hello Croatia ..Part One around the Istrian coast…

Absolutely no idea what we wrote on this blog back in late April this year. While browsing back on our adventures, I realised with horror it had gone !

Although extremely frustrated that somehow this blog disappeared, we do remember how wonderful Istria was. So if only for our memories this will be more about the pictures.


Our first taste of Croatia and it did not disappoint. As all the campsites around were not open for the season we found a great spot to park for a couple of nights in a hotel car park . The hotel was not open either so parking was free. A lovely ten minute stroll into the small gorgeous ancient Roman of town of Porec.

In the summer months a very touristy spot , but while we were here it was quiet and not many of us tourists about.

Fabulous around here for cycling along the coast and small inlets along the way.

Next stop :


A picturesque town situated once more by the sea on a hilly peninsula.

We stayed at Camping Porton Blondi, which wasn’t very far from the Old Town.

Colourful buildings and art galleries abound and of course an array of different restaurants and bars.

Church of St Eufemija below

loved our few days here …

hard to imagine that this is one of Croatia’s most popular and most developed tourist resorts in summer when the streets are this quiet .

How could we forget this day, while cycling ! There are plenty of naturist beaches around Croatia and this area had its fair share. Cycling unexpectedly into a sea of bare bottoms while exploring the area was one incident through a campsite … (of course naturally making a hasty retreat) but the real doozy was when we were in the middle of nowhere on a beach track and a completely naked man appeared full frontal out of the bushes followed by a friend. He asked quite casually are you swingers, errr excuse me no we are not !!! Would you like to be he asked ??? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ With sand spinning behind us we were gone in a flash and once more Al Pal said you and your constant exploring always wanting to see more !! Well I do but not naked bods.

Our favourite beer while in Croatia Ozujsko.


Just spent a couple of hours here for a coffee and to briefly visit the Pula Amphitheatre. It is one of six largest surviving Roman Arenas in the world. First impressions of Pula town itself did not really impress so we carried on to our next destination.

Rabac and Labin

Rabac another little gem we loved. Quite laid back and not as flash as Porec and Rovinj. Set below high rising mountains (which we were to try out on our bikes at a later date) it’s described as a place for families or senior citizens, oh well we are getting closer to the latter !

Pinot Had plenty of room here as we were one of a handful of Motorhomes parked up.

Our bike ride up to Labin was an experience, hard work and blooming scary with the lunatic drivers passing by. But as always the hard slog paid off and when I was breathing normally again we enjoyed a potter around Labin before the wonderful downhill experience home.

Time to hit the road again this time over to the island of Krk .


After paying the one way toll over the Krk bridge onto the most Northern and one of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea we arrived at our camp site in Krk itself.

Camping Bor a great campsite, not on the water but a walk away from the main town.

it was like having our own garden and courtyard, while everyone else wanted to be higher up to have sea views we were quite happy lower down among the olive groves etc and having lots of space and privacy .

Another wonderful little town to explore and enjoy this gorgeous country which was impressing us a lot !!!

Many walking options as always , this was one of our two hour walks that became almost five after getting lost … as we staggered home just before nightfall it was worth every minute of getting lost .. well after the grumbling subsided and we knew where we were going.

Perfect weather while we were here . Lots to explore on this island and we missed not having Grigio our scooter here so we could have ventured further afield.

Krk is described as not the lushest or the most beautiful islands, but we loved our time there. In fact we would have stayed longer but there was a music festival on that shattered the peace suddenly one night. The noise from the town went well Into the wee hours and after finding out it was on for three days, we were out of there the following morning.

Ok, managed a few words among the pictures and the wonderful memories come flooding back.

This blog now will hopefully slot back where it should be at the beginning of our amazing 6 week trip in Croatia !!

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  1. Thank you my friend 😘

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  2. Good morning,mis amigos, got this last night,which is quite appropriate Because we are leaving in the morning. Your journalistic and photographic skills have not diminished. I think Croatia is in the diary for next year, we will God willing see you anon. Until them all the very best to you and all that is yours. Lots of love. Austin y Lynn,πŸ·πŸ·πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸΎπŸΎ Sent from my iPad



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