Bali Hai enroute home

A couple of nights in London then an uneventful flight to Bali. A great way to unwind after a whirlwind couple of weeks catching up with friends in England. We are back in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s only 2 hours time difference to Brisbane so a 10 day holiday ……..yes a holiday ………don’t laugh or judge please !…..we need some downtime before hitting home. Lol

We have been coming here for many years on and off. Our first visit was in 1984 ! and we have lost count of how many holidays we have had here in various areas on this island. This time we are staying in Sanur . No sight seeing, no tours, just kicking back and chilling with a couple of Bintangs and cocktails, promise . Amanda’s pleas to walk, cycle, hike or sightsee will fall on deaf ears. We’ve booked into a little boutique hotel in a quiet area in Sanur. Lots of Restaurants and laid back bars so bring it on baby!

Sunrise…almost, we are on our hold after all.

Quiet beaches and no ankle biters kicking sand in your Bintang. Gotta be happy ! Our little pool area below with plenty of shade and not too many guests to spoil the serenity.

Food is cheap, plentiful and good quality. We have tried the top 3 Restaurants on Trip Advisor and still have a few bucks left πŸ˜‰

It’s a tropical Island with lots of rain in the wet season (which it currently isn’t) so 10 days of wall to wall sunshine with high 20’s during the day and low 20’s at night. It couldn’t be better. Shorts and sun dresses every day………Same for Amanda lol !

Somewhere to lie in the afternoon and contemplate what’s next after this little trip. After 10 days, we are still non the wiser hahahah.

The Balinese are pretty much all Hindu (a blend of Shivaism and Buddhism) so they are very open and laid back. It also means they love to celebrate big time for births, marriages and death….the more colour the better. I like it a lot. No black horses , morose hymns and misery.



Another sunrise and start to another laid back day doing……pretty much nothing really.

Opposite our Hotel they’ve been celebrating a wedding all day. Seemingly it costs LOADS……and a lot of them are attended by about 600 people throughout the day. Can you imaging what that would cost in Australia ? I don’t even know 600 people !

I had a call out by a Doctor as I keep getting this damned cough and cold thingy…any way below is a picture of him below on his wedding day last year….pretty cool ! He told us about his wife (also a Doctor) who was 8 months pregnant and due any day. Sadly on his second visit he told us they had lost the baby……Very sad indeed !

.The pics below are NOT cocktails, just detoxifying healthy drinks haha. Not saying we need them BUT ……..

Lovely corn bought piping hot and covered in butter bought and eaten fresh on the beach………..cost just pennies.

Amanda has a habit of taking pics of doors, some you can see below.




.Happy people………well the guy on the right is. Old mate on the left looks like he lost a dollar and found 10 cents .

Our Hotel has free pushies so we took advantage and had numerous poodles along the seafront. They didn’t have bells so every time we passed someone, Amanda would shout “ring ring” people fell about laughing almost every time. Funnily enough our generation all smiled or giggled and stepped aside but a lot of the young ones didn’t look quite as happy… we ran straight into them. No we didn’t lol.

.So nice to be in consistently warm weather again..

A lovely chilled holiday and then a little 5 hour afternoon flight home. Our Daughter picked us up and we spent a couple of nights at her apartment before going for an inspection at our home. A nervous time waiting to see if the tenants had behaved. Thankfully there was nothing broken but it took us a full week to get it back to our standards of clean and to get the gardens back in shape. Our son cooked a nice Pork Roast at Amanda’s request…yum.

The next few days were spent in celebration of someone’s birthday. ????? A lovely lunch out with the kids.and friends and family gathered for a big bash where the beer and wine flowed and we had a great evening. The kids and Amanda gave beautiful speeches and I felt very loved and very thankful to have them and all our friends around to help celebrate.It all went downhill from here hahahaahahMuch love to all xo

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  1. Enjoy being β€˜home’, but get travelling again soon … will miss your posts.


  2. Hello Allen and Amanda.yet another excellent journey log,you certainly live the life guys, and then end in a super party,love to you both,till we meet again. Austin y Lynn X🍷🍷😎😎

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  3. I have enjoyed reading about your motorhome adventures, having just discovered your blog. My husband and I have just bought a motorhome and we are planning to set off in January for a tour of Europe. Would you recommend South of Spain for a bit of sunshine during the European winter? I noticed you had a little scooter for a while, something we thought about getting. But from what I gathered you have mostly used a bicycle to get around? You have a lovely blog here and I hope you will continue to update it from time to time. Best wishes πŸ˜„


    • Thanks for the kind comments. Yes we had a great trip and hope to interrupt our lives and head back to Europe in May next year for another adventure. Yes we had a 125cc scooter and sold it after 5 months due to concerns about being overweight (the van not us) we used the bikes a lot and we love hiking. We also hired cars particularly in Spain as it was so inexpensive and gave us great freedom to explore whilst having bases there. We would definitely recommend Southern Spain in the colder European months and would go back in a heartbeat to avoid the cold weather. Enjoy your journey and we look forward to reading about your travels. Cheers !

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