Don’t mention the Cricket !!!! More of Aussie break …

A month back home has flown by incredibly quickly. We have loved every moment spending quality time with family and friends…..and Charlie the dog of course. Although it’s now Autumn here the weather is still very warm and humid. Everywhere looks so green and lush .We’ve been enjoying the benefit of staying at our sons apartment in Milton and a grand view from his balcony although it’s way too close to restaurants and bars…..Aether , a little boutique craft beer joint is only steps away from the front door and has become a firm favourite on an almost daily basis for a cold beer or two…….I’m gonna miss it 😩. Most mornings involve taking Charlie for a walk around the block followed by a coffee at the Bunker and it seems most bods in the area know him by name and stop for a cuddle. Sundays there’s a mobile dog wash parked in Aethers tiny car park……..shame the brewery isn’t quite open for business that early. We went for a Leisurely walk the other morning from Kee’s place into the City along the river and the pics below show what a really lovely City it is.and always nicer in the warm sunshine

Of course Charlie had to come along…..its virtually impossible to escape without him.

We had forgotten just how humid Brissie is this time of year and most of the locals are looking forward to the very short Winter ahead. Unlike early mornings in Spain where nobody seems to get out until mid morning, the natives at home are out pounding the pavement, cycling or rowing at sparrows fart…..sorry Amanda, I mean very early! Amanda getting up close and personal with the locals outside the City town hall.We’ve spent many a lunch and dinner so far catching up with friends so far and a few headaches to prove it the next morning. In fact at one point I needed to get a copy of Amanda’s diary as she was literally hopping from one catch up to the next with all her various friends…….she’s a very popular lady , In fact she even managed to squeeze in a Wedding where our Daughter Cara was a bridesmaid for Sarah 😘 Unfortunately I couldn’t make it as I was washing my hair that day 😳Sincere best wishes to the happy couple…..not this couple, that’s my daughter and the bride….her hubby is out of shotI was very popular as her personal chauffeur so she could maintain her tight itinerary . She even let me join her occasionally for a coffee with the Powell’s (our old neighbours)…….they’re not old ……anyway you know what I mean. Charlie in on the bloody action as usual Had a great day at Jeff and Alana’s with our pals whom we caught up with in Corsica last year to Celebrate Carolines birthday……..fantastic food and vino and the Company wasn’t bad either.

Jeez our girls can cook some damn good tuckerThe covern below 🤣

Below is Amanda and the Ladies out for an afternoon on the slops…..sorry I mean Ladies luncheon. The boys got an invite to tag along after dark……well some of them are still out earning a crust.In between all this socializing, we managed to squeeze in a lunch down at Eagle Street. We caught the ferry which is only a few hundred metres from the apartment….very civilizedlovely spot to enjoy lunch and a tipple with the river breeze keeping us cool

The Broncos played on one of the very few evenings we had free and we could sit on the balcony and watch the fireworks in the Stadium at half time, oh and yes , they wonAnother day and another walk into Town to sort out Amanda’s I phone. I bought both our phones the same day and mine is fine but hers has been bloody useless . Long story short they replaced it with a new one after a lot of issues……but the walk into Town was lovely and of course old mate Charlie tagged along. Interestingly, unknown to me, you can’t walk a dog in the City Mall….the dog police caught me and I had to retreat quickly and leave Amanda to go to AppleB for Brissie and of course the Com Games start next week……DONT MENTION THE BLOODY CRICKET!!!!My brother and Amanda’s sister from Melbourne joined us for a VERY big afternoon and evening, sore heads all round next day 😩

I did manage to back up for coffee down at the market next morning….the sunnies covered a pair of very red eyes……not the clown below, MINENext stop was a 2,000 k flight down to Melbourne for a few days to spend time with Amanda’s mum and Dad and her lovely sister Lisa. We squeezed in quite a bit in such a short time with dinner out with Lisa and the boysand Amanda snuck out for the day with Lisa for lunch and drinks and drinks and drinks 🤣I even managed an afternoon down at the Royal in Mornington with my old mate Arthur ,followed by a very early morning drive to the Airport to fly back to BrisvegasIf this sounds like it was a very social trip filled with food, drink and good friends, then you’d be right…..and we are nearing exhaustion.

Roland and Glynis hosted a wonderful evening for us back in Fig Tree Pocket with Mark and Paula and Mark and Alexa. The food was amazing and the wines were something else…..especially the sticky, thanks Mark. We really had a great evening with you all and look forward to moving back to Robertson Place later in the year We were spoilt and may struggle a little getting back to our cheaper yet quaffable vino back in EuropeCoffee with the kids before heading off again 😩We really have had such a brilliant time and the month has flown by but sadly it’s time to return to Europe for the second year of our little trip……..oh and on our last night around 20 odd of our friends gathered at a brewery (where else)🤣 for drinks and goodbyes but she forgot to take a photo….ooops and thanks to all for joining us.

Ps contrary to popular belief…….I won’t be getting a doggie any time soon 😳

Love and best wishes to all xx

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