Next stop Australia

Life has settled into a little gentler pace after our shenanigans around Morocco and we have fallen into a rhythm of walks, gym , visiting friends , watching the 6 nations Rugby and enjoying lots of local restaurants .We are pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to walks around here

Sundowners also figures amongst a normal day theses days. Roy and Hilary are a lovely Irish pair who generously switch the bar open lights on in front of their Moho and graciously cater to those who like to imbibe the occasional brew or two on most evenings between 4 and 6 pm. Although we occasionally break curfew and party on a little with a few sounds to keep things lively.

We’ve even had our very own “bake off” here on the site. Apparently this is a yearly ritual and a couple of years ago 140 or so pancakes were baked and devoured. It’s Shrove Tuesday and the menfolk present are encouraged/ordered to cook the pancakes while the Ladies sit nearby encouraging us. Unfortunately however we didn’t follow the rules by fasting following Shrove Tuesday and continued our usual Restaurant hops and coffee stops, so unfortunately the waistline will be paying the price 😩

Doris, a lovely German Lady who has been visiting this site over the European Winters for some 13 years or so, kindly crocheted a fruit basket made from plastic bags for us. It was bright and a late afternoon setting sun dazzled a few of us , so I shared a few of my hats to needy the Sundowners crew who were getting blinded from the late afternoon glare………yes it’s been a balmy 🀣 19 degrees here of late so my basket found other uses. Demonstration in the below photo. These Sundowners get pretty outrageous from time to time.

We drove up to Murcia for an overnighter to stay with friends Alistair and Kerrie from Australia and England, complicated story as they live between both Countries…..great way to go. Lovely couple of days with them and pleased to hear their news πŸ’ πŸ€—

We had a couple of lunches at local Restaurants. The first was €35 a head and was ok. The following day Alistair took us to a more authentic Spanish place frequented by locals and it was a bloody cracker. 8 or 9 share plates, a litre of rose for the girls and a litre of beer for us and only €35 FOR THE LOT …. it’s only a bargain if it’s good and it really was. Amanda and Kerrie grinning with the bill 🀣

Happy Days

It’s little wonder we need to keep hiking down here. We had to take the hire car back to Almeria Airport which is about an hour away and Lyn and Austin happily followed us there so we could drop the car and they’d bring us back. We’ve had this little car for a month and it’s been great. We then went into Almeria for a bit of retail therapy for the ladies 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 The girls got nought and Austin and I came back with a pair of jeans and a shirt each….bugger, I need more clothes like a hole in the head πŸ˜‚ I’ve even had another “professional” haircut whilst in Mojacar, they even washed my hair afterwards. 😳A couple of days before we head up to Alicante Airport to catch the flight up to London I decided to start the engine and get the oil through Pinot……just as well I did. The bloody battery was as flat as a tack and the leisure batteries weren’t taking juice from the 240v hookup converting it to 12 volt……sods freckin law isn’t it. Not last week but just before we are on the road. We took her down to local garage and the ordered the part which didn’t arrive as promised (feckin Spanish time) any way we have solar panel and leisure batteries so will make do until our return from home next month.Luckily the sun is shining and solar is doing its job.

In between all this, Amanda celebrated her Birthday, the second one on our trip and we had a quiet lunch. We also managed a little drink with Jacqui and Richard whilst watching a Flamenco show…….maybe show is a bit grandiose… was one Senorita and her boom box…..but very enjoyable all the same .

The kind folk at our Mojacar campsite saw us off in grand style …..i’m not sure if they were sad to see us go or were cheering at our departure 🀣

We’ll miss them all as they’ve really made us very welcome……so to all of you…..Thanks again for a mad couple of months and hopefully we’ll see you again somewhere in the great outdoors 😘The ladies wave their tea towels and the gents wave the ladies knickers….I mean flags. Bless em they didn’t know whether to wave an Aussie flag, Irish flag, Red hand of Ulster even got a go or an English flag……so bloody confusing seeing I was born in Belfast and Amanda in Yorkshire, yet we’ve been in Oz for 40 years ….oh and my Dad is Welsh 😳Bernie even played his harmonica as we drove off.We are now sat having a coffee at Santa Pola Marina killing some time on our way to Alicante airport. We are once again leaving Pinot at the Alicante airport for a month and will resume our adventures in April.

We have a night in London before catching a flight home to Brissie for a month and can’t wait to see our kids and friends.

Next post from our home town BrisbaneLove to all

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  1. hey Al – Steve Strelitz here – I’m assuming you’re home for a month – have tried both numbers I have for you but they don’t work – can you call me 0417679955 – cheers you lucky bastard !


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