Birthday celebrations …

February 23rd and it’s my lovely wife’s 50 something birthday………born in 1960, first to guess how old she is gets a gold star.

Started with a cup of tea and quickly moved on to a cracking little village in the hills for a lazy lunch.

The sun was shining and a guy quietly strumming a guitar in the background. We’re not sure if he was just there for dinner or was part of the staff…………..or maybe he was just playing for his lunch.


We ordered a beer and white wine and asked for the menu. The lady spoke no English, so she brought out a menu blackboard in Spanish only.

An English pair next door ordered a couple of tapas in fluent Spanish, so we asked for a translation and ordered half a dozen tapas and crossed our fingers. Long story short we ended up with a beautiful selection of mostly fish and calamari dishes. I wanted to indulge the birthday girl in a fancy, expensive lunch and long story short we got 2 glasses of wine, 2 beers, 2 coffees and 6 plates of tapas for…………..14 euros ($20 aus)…..I am sooooooo generous !

We met a cracking couple a few days ago who are travelling around Europe for 6 months and they come from Amanda’s home town of Huddersfield, so we hit it off really well. Anyway they joined us for drinks and we had a lovely afternoon.img_0100

We ducked back to buy some bits and pieces we needed and went for a walk along the beach then wanting to carry on with my expensive birthday we went to our local restaurant and ordered a bottle of wine for dinner and I subtly mentioned it was my lovely wife’s birthday to the waitress.

So 2 hours later we’d had 4 plates of great food (gratis) thanks to the waitress for Amanda and a bottle of wine for the princely sum of 8 Euros.

Now I am not by nature particularly stingy, but today I couldn’t spend money if I’d tried.

So Happy Birthday Amanda and may you have many, many more healthy and happy ones to follow x

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  1. Oh he really spoiled you amanda!


  2. Happy Birthday Amanda, ๐Ÿฅ‚๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿน
    sounds like you are having a fabulous time on your travels. xx

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  3. Happy birthday Amanda. Sounds like fun was had by all. What a great way to celebrate your birthday travelling the world. Awesome.

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  4. Toasting you from Teton Village, Wyoming where it’s snowing โ„๏ธ Have been telling our English friend who’s flown over to join us about your great adventure! I have to find a map every blog I read – am amazing journey. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday day and a fabulous year with lots more most of day lunches and challenging excursions. I’m going up the mountain today (to meet the skiers for lunch!) but getting plenty of exercises walking the shops. Love to you both X

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