East through Andalucia.

The Greenhouse of Almeria ….more than half of Europe’s demand for fresh fruit and vegetable are grown under the plastic plastic shades.

We have left Frigliana, which was a bit trying. We got a notice through the door that the road(alleyway) we live on would be closed for the day for roadworks. Now keep in mind, this alleyway is a very narrow, cobbled laneway on quite a steep incline. So knowing we wouldn’t be able to get the car up after 10.00am (nothing starts early here) to load the ever increasing gear we are accumulating, including the 2 bikes, I thought I’d shoot down on foot and drive the car to the front door and jam everything in then off we’d go….WRONG! It smashed it down from 3 in the morning, so by the time I’d ran down to the parked car and drove it up to the front door, I was absolutely soaked, whilst “her indoors” waited anxiously in the dry warmth of our digs! So I jammed everything in, locked the front door and threw the keys into the plant pot and skidded through the alleyways and out onto the Main street, sat in the drivers seat which was fast becoming a puddle…..Happy days! Off we went heading East, Β for around 250kms East with no accomodation booked or any idea where our next port of call should be. We do however have an English registered motorhome we want to view which is sitting in Β the coastal town of Mojacar, so we thought we’d make a beeline for there and have some R and R mooching around there. “Stop laughing” we need a rest, it’s tiring just sightseeing, eating and drinking with no work, house cleaning or cooking to do!

The road system, at least down here is amazing. The Mediterranean Highway cuts across the Southern coast of Spain and it’s full of mountains and valleys right down to the sea. So they have built (with probably E.U money which will have disappeared) an incredible dual carriageway with a speed limit of 120kms per hour and it goes from long viaducts 100’s of metres above ground across valleys, then into tunnels through the centre of mountains which are up to 2 kms long. It really is a pleasure to drive here……..oh and just like the poms they know how to use outside lanes only for overtaking.

Without exaggerating, the greenhouses either side of the freeway are too numerous to count. They run from every angle perched on hill tops, all the way down to the ocean. It has continued for around 200klms, I’ve never seen anything like it. Apparently 20 years ago there was nothing growing here other than olive trees and some grapes. Almost all of it is destined for the UK market. It does make some of the countryside look horrible though with a sea of white plastic. Seemingly it is so dense with white greenhouses, it has lowered the average temperature of the area by almost 2 degrees. Approximately 100,000 acres of it

Driving through Carbonares Range


So we arrived in Mojacar on Monday afternoon and found a letting agent and after an hour of so we have moved into a terrific 2 bed 2 bath apartment with a fantastic terrace with beautiful view to the ocean.


8 Euro’s including another great Tapas.

Our local for coffee and extra unneeded calories, order 2 coffee’s and this is what you get $4.90 !!

one view from our patio

We needed to get some shopping as we’ve taken this place for a couple of weeks. We are really pleased with the shops here, fresh produce, cheap vino and lots of choice and all at really reasonable prices

Mojicar in the distance

We unpacked and put the bikes together and set off for a quick tour of our new temporary home and we love it. Quick trip down to a local bike shop for some helmets/tubes and other odds and ends, so we are now set to go…….

This just says it all …..

Cartagena, a port city and navel base…Amanda had problems trying to entice ANYONE to join her for selfies bless her, so this is all she could get bless her

She still had some lovely long chats though

Mojicar Playa

a quiet pint and a Man United game…..

just what we need, more alcohol

another great hike with Mrs no friends

Girls !! I have found the best travelling hairdresser, “Al Pal at your service” I have had 3 haircuts now and am very pleased. Although the first one did end in tears as I was a bit nervy, with Allen throwing the down the clippers half way saying he wasn’t going to finish it if i was going to carry on like a pork chop Ha Ha …anyway he must be doing a good job as when I was catching up with friends the other week a stranger came up to me and asked where I had my hair cut, to which I replied if you hang on 10 minutes he has the clippers in the car.

mmm, last time I wrote I mentioned a selfie stick, strange it broke a couple of days after. Never mind I bought a new one the other day but am yet to get it to work as it is completely different to the last one.

I am just waiting for Amanda to walk past

well another enjoyable week and now we hope to secure our new wheels for the next part of our adventure

till next time

love Allen and Amanda




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  1. Sounds like you are having a marvellous time
    Keep sharing. Love from the. XxPocket

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  2. Lucky πŸ€ you two. Looks fab. Happy birthday πŸŽ‰ amandaxxx

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  3. Well who knew Al was a hairdresser!! I can see you out there guinness in one hand clippers in the other…look out world. hahaha

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  4. Amazing photos and coastline…….need to get the map out!!

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