Auschwitz…..the end of the line for almost 1 and half million men, women and children.

Forever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about a million and a half men, women and children. Mainly Jews from various Countries of Europe.


Amanda and I spent a harrowing few hours wandering here in utter disbelief. Even though we were aware of what happened here and places like it, it’s only after being here and fully comprehending the size of this camp and how the Nazis built it on an Industrial scale for the sole purpose of murdering as many human beings as quickly, cheaply and efficiently and secretly as they could. The train line literally runs directly into the camp and ends abruptly at the end of the camp in front a gas chamber and crematorium.Above are a set of steps leading down to what was once one of many underground bunkers where these poor souls were stripped, forced into a gas chamber to be murdered then put into a crematorium for their bodies to be burned.

As the Allies were closing in the Nazis hurriedly tried to destroy all evidence of this death camps existence with dynamite, but much of it still remains as a tragic reminder today. tears were shed as we learned of the atrocities committed here. It is a dreadfully sad place and our memory of it will stay with us for a very long time.Above is a monument built over the gas chambers and the plaque with the words I used in the first paragraph. There are so many stories told here and just one tells how between 70 and 75 percent of these poor souls were upon selection sent straight to the gas chambers to be murdered. It was so busy that at times groups had to wait in the clump of trees pictured below before being taken to their fate. Totally unimaginable what these people suffered..

And so many more tragic stories .This all happened such a short time ago. Both Amanda and my parents were young kids when this happened and are still alive today. How fortunate are we.


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  1. Good morning friends,what a sad and tragic piece of history,Lynn visited Auschwitz with her cousin several years ago,and like yourself felt the emotion of the experience,we can only hope history has taught the world a lesson,Has it,Syria,Yemen,??? Love. Austin y Lynn. X.

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