365 days on the road

Yes folks we left Brisbane on the 12th December 2016 and what year we’ve had. We had no plans on where we would go and a basic idea to purchase a motorhome in Europe somewhere to use as our base and what an adventure it’s been for us.

Just over 3 years ago Amanda was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and in those dark days of treatment, I promised that once she was well we’d cram as much as we could into our lives. So goodbye to the Corporate world and associated stresses and hello surprises and adventure.

Of course it hasn’t all beer and skittles……I’m lying……It has 🤣

Did we ever argue living in such a small space? ….of course we did, but we’ve laughed till our sides hurt as well and loved the freedom associated with this choice of travel mode. So here’s some fun facts!

How and where did we spend those 365 days and nights.

We’ve travelled 61,000 kilometres

99 nights in hotels , apartments and villa

11 nights with family and friends

27 nights on board ships

228 nights in our Moho Pinot

Visited 19 Countries

Would we recommend it to anyone…..oh Yes!

How much has all this wonderful adventure cost? Too scared to add it all up 😳

So we are really due to go home after our year away, however we still have so much left to see so have extended our adventure well into 2018. We will go back home for a month in Late February to spend some much needed time with family and friends then who knows where from there.

Much love to all and can’t wait to see you all next year xx

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  1. Love your blogs so glad you are having an amazing time. look forward to a long long coffee when you get the time when your back in Brisbane that is Amanda, carry on having the time of your lives, fun, love and laughter sounds great, just what the Dr ordered. love hugs to you both Dawn 🙂


  2. That’s been an amazing journey you’ve had over 12 months, the places you’ve been to, the sights you’ve seen – it’s really been a trip to remember! I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and photo’s showing all of your amazing adventures.

    I crammed 21 countries and 28 nights on board cruise ships in 3 months and loved every moment. Nothing beats the freedom of travel!


  3. Keep going guys, its only money lol xx


  4. Is that water you’re drinking ?


  5. Happy Christmas you two and thanks for the running commentary. It has helped me work on where I want to go when I am holidaying overseas. I hope next year is as full of fun, health and adventure as this one has been for you both.


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