Miami Vice

IMG_5734Our days on dry land seem to be following a similar pattern to our days at sea…….too much food and way too much booze. We keep justifying it to each other that this part of our travels really is a holiday🤣. We had 3 nights in Orlando included in our cruise otherwise we wouldn’t have bothered (neither of us are theme park fans) sorry I should qualify that , I’m not but Amanda was up for it so I met her half way and went to the front gates at Universal studios and let her look in lol. We spent a couple of hours around the park and headed back to do more shopping, eating and drinking. Miraculously Amanda still has room in her case. It’s like The Dr Who Tardis. Who takes eight pairs of shoes on a cruise other than Imelda ? Of course we had to stop at Jimmy Buffets for a light refreshment as I’m partial to a bit of his 🎶 and it’s bound to be “5 o’clock somewhere” so bring on the margueritas please …. there seems to be a theme on this little leg of our journey……lots of vice in the form of fat inducing food and calorie laden boozeIMG_5712IMG_5709IMG_5758IMG_5715we went to the hotel Reception to ask for an additional night and they checked on the computer and told us we had prepaid 4 nights. Wrong, we checked our itenary from the cruise Company and it was definitely 3 so no point in arguing, we just stayed another night. Happy days ! We headed back to Millers Ale House and more food and drink 😳 I hired a car and decided to drive the 4 hours down to Miami Beach for a few days and as you can see the Vices continued unabated. South beach has a plethora of bars and restaurants offering all day happy hour with 2 for 1 drinks and 50% off all meals………..GOD HELP US. The cocktails we ordered were served in goldfish bowls…….and poor Amanda had to give up as she actually thought she saw a goldfish in it lol…..early night then madam?  What happens on tour stays on tour 😂

IMG_5760We had to stay on South Beach front in one of those iconic 1930’s Art Decco hotels but good god they charge like wounded bulls. Picture below of our joint. super cool original 1930’s decor ….It is a block away from Where Mr Versace lived before some deranged lunatic murdered him. Ps there are loads of LBGTFC sorry can’t remember all the letters……gay folk I mean.We were told Miami Beach was a bit like Surfers Paradise and it is except it’s on steroids. Lots of Latin  music…..ladies selling big fat Cuban cigars on the street .and lots of people speaking Spanish of course. Flash cars and flash guys, lots of scantily clad young women………and older women who should no better 🤣 There’s more filler here than a DIY store Pleasantly surprised at how good the beach is down here, clear water and beautiful sand and of course dozens of scantily clad beautiful young things lolling about…..that’s what Amanda said as I didn’t really notice.We had been toying with the idea of driving down to the Keys as we don’t fly back to Europe for another week of so. I think it will be just more sand sea and more cocktails and fried food. We also investigated getting to Havana but President Chump has made that a little more difficult so what to do?

Stay tuned folks and we’ll let you know next week.

ps Congratulations to our son Christopher and our soon to be daughter in law Mia who announced their engagement last weekendIMG_5756

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