We survived the Atlantic crossing …First stop Boston.

5th November we set sail from Southampton .. great set sail party on board ready for our trip across the Atlantic… Lordy Lordy 2nd day at sea 50 knot winds ! 6 metre high waves .. (65 knots is classed as a hurricane … get the picture ) not the perfect way to start this wonderful trip. I spent the next whole day in the bathroom. I had asked everyone to pray for a smooth crossing but this had obviously fallen on deaf ears 🀣As our waists begin to expand mmmm well Al Pal’s isn’t … ( feeling much better now obviously)  πŸ˜Š we are getting into the cruise flow. Daily visits to the great gym on board, using the stairs always …no lifts allowed !! We are making the most of all the cruise has to offer.Happy days 😊😊Fabulous shows .. the ice skating show was great ..broadway tributes meeting new friends…Great food… wine .. cocktails etc we are having a ballAfter seven days at sea we arrived to a very chilly Boston ! The Cradle of Liberty. Hats and gloves on and a few  extra layers we decided to walk the Freedom trail during our day here… after a long immigration process we braved the chilly weather.These boots are made for walking and as always we Powell’s make the most of every minute, completed the trail at a very brisk pace to try and beat the rain.Paul Revere’s house,who is famous for the midnight ride to alert the Bostonians of the British Troops arrival in the early eighteen century and the start of the American Revolution.We managed to walk 13 km’s before the rain came down… squirrels, remains of Halloween celebrations .. monuments of history and we made a hasty retreat to a little Irish pub were we had an awful meal ! We should have waited until back on board.The unmarked dog tags of fallen Americans in the Old North Memorial garden who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq ..so sad.Bunker Hill where the first serious yet failed battle between the Patriots and British took place

Goodbye Boston ….Time to set sail again …Next stop The Big Apple 😊😊

Lots of love xx

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