Fun and sun in the Greek island of Corfu..

Another day another Country as we flew fromMilan to the surprisingly green Island of Corfu. We’ve previously been to Santorini, Mykonos, Kos and Rhodes a number of years ago and they were all quite scorched and a little devoid of flora whereas Corfu is really very green soa nice surprise. We booked a two bedroom apartment in a hotel about 20 minutes drive from Corfu Old Town……so the girls could sample a little retail therapy and of course Cara spent her money very wisely on STUFF……very nice stuff I must admit. She seems much more choosy now it’s her money lol. We hired another car for the whole10 days so we could traverse the whole Island and shake the life out of it. Another hire car……don’t start me please. Very old, very small, very slow but to be fair it did the job and at 260€ for 10 days it was cheap.We have a lovely apartment with a beautiful view across towards Mainland Greece and Albania which is very very close and we get beautiful sunrises in the picture above from our balcony. Cara has brought some lovely Brissie weather with her and we have been treated to sunshine and warmth every day. She has also befriended the 3 kittens which sit outside the front door every morning and evening waiting on their tin of Tuna which she feeds them. Ive had to chase them out on more than one occasion we spend most of our days just travelling around the Island being tourists and enjoying having Cara with us…..and eating Greek salads and 🐙.Cara tends to order😘We enjoyed wandering through the Old Town and like most main Towns on the Greek Islands, it caters to tourists with all the usual tat and souvenirs. Cara had her Birthday whilst she was with us and I thought a great way to spend the day was to hire a boat and head out for some swimming. I’d arranged to pick the boat up at 9.30 am and eventually they had it available for us at 11.00am. I asked for a discount and old mate Stavros simply replied “don’t take it if you don’t want it” I’d already given €40 deposit the previous day so he had me by the short and curlies……In general we found the locals to be really helpful but you always get one prick wanting to make things difficult. Anyway he didn’t spoil the day, we headed off and had the best day just swimming and cruising. Old mate Stavros (the prick I mentioned earlier) told us not under any circumstances to go any closer to shore than70 metres………no chance Pal. We found a beautiful Restaurant with its own little Jetty so pulled in and had a lovely Birthday lunch…….and NO Greek salad.Found this great Taverna for lunch.our litttle boat was well hidden fromStavros the prick or any of his pals lolWe owned boats in the past and each time the kids were skiing I’d often sit 10 or 15 metres away humming the theme tune to Jaws…….sorry Cara some things just don’t change do they 😂No Cara didn’t buy a new Toyota, she was just feeling pretty happy……maybe only the Aussies get this!As you can see we really have been spoiled, we had fun in the sun the whole time……happy days.Another little restaurant by a tiny harbour, recommended by the lovely Yiota our gracious hostess from the Hotel…….great food and lovely vista!Lots of nice boats moored just outside the OldTown and they seem much cheaper than what we pay back in Oz. In fact almost everything on our travels seems cheaper than Oz .Our hotel has been fairly quiet and the few times we spent lazing by the pool were great…..hardly another sole. Say hi to the lovely Yiota……our hostess who shared our love of travel and was busy swapping ideas with the girls. 

Next stop Milan for 2 nights. We arrived late afternoon so after checking our CityCentre apartment we just walked to the local Piazza and enjoyed the BEST thin crust pizza and a lovely bottle of red before calling it quits and getting a good nights kip in preparation for more sightseeing and SHOPPING😢Pretty special area around the spectacular Duomo, built by thousands of workers, a new canal system and over 6 centuries to complete. It’s the fifth largest church in the world.

A fabulous day just wandering around and Doing the odd bit of shopping. We all bought new shoes and for the first time in along time, I paid for a haircut. 30€ That’s it for another 10 years, Amanda reckons I dis better job myself.🤣 

It wouldn’t be complete if we hadn’t all tucked into some gelato……so of course we did .Of course Milan shopping was too much to resist. Iwasverysurprised her case only weighed 22 kgs  when she left. Well done kid……..I was shocked and think maybe you were wearing 3 pair of trousers and 5 blouses under your jumper 😂 It was a beautiful apartment on the 4th floor with NO lift and very tight stairs.

Sadly it was our last night before we all said a very sad cheerio as Cara headed back to Oz and we for UK to pick up Pinot.

It was a very emotional airportgoodbye , but my wallet seemed much happier hahahaha 

Sadly Amanda lost a very dear friend to the bastard cancer. They were both diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and met at a support group. Sadly Brenda lost her battle today at only 61.

You will be so missed by so many! xxx

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