Messing about on the water…Annecy

EditA few hundred k’s drive North East through The Puy de Dome region we arrived in Annecy.  We had book marked a site we liked the look of on the Lake but after arriving, decided it wasn’t for us, although it was in the Lake and quite close to the Town, it had very small pitches and as we drove around the site, every nosy neighbour eye balled us …. not for us so we took to the hills and found a much quieter site with plenty of room to move. Plus the view down across the Lake was fabulous. Next morning we woke up and ready to wander into the Town of Annecy. Ha ha what a wander that was 24 kilometres later we arrived back at the site ready to drink the bar dry. Annecy itself is a lovely town and the population must swell massively in season and together with its natural beauty due to its location on the lake it comes with all usual touristy trappings, restaurants , shops , cafes and such, but the real highlight for us at least , is the surrounding area of Mountains, Lake and fabulous cycling paragliding canyoning sailing diving bungee jumping horse riding and walking tracks. So what do we do after yesterday’s little dander…… we go for a little 65k ride around the lake. The circular route is about 40 but I took a wrong turn and added another 25 to the day including a bloody steep hill . Amanda reckons it was a mountain and didn’t say a lot on the return trip….. oops! Although we did pass a beautiful campsite on the far side of the lake, right bang on the lake and only 3 vans to enjoy it. Oh happy days, so next day we pack up and move the short 20k to our next home. Great having your home on wheels and complete with an engine. So now we are on site next to the beautiful hamlet village of Talloires … just gorgeous, small but lots of lovely restaurants and medieval character. The pic below was taken 40 short steps from our front door. Now so far we haven’t done much swimming since leaving home and I assumed this glacial looking Lake wouldn’t lend itself to a swim. Wrong…. it was a very pleasant 19 degrees, not warm but beautifully clear, clean and warm enough to spend the afternoon swimming and generally just lazing around.

Wise move, Camping Du Lac, Tallories

 Whilst we’d been lazing around swimming etc I had another encounter with a Frenchman. We were Sat on the jetty with our feet in the water  and a chap of similar vintage to ourselves starts pottering around us and had a good nosey at us and mutters a few words (in French of course) Here we bloody go says I, what next? Amanda tells me to behave and jokingly said he’s probably just being nice and wants to take us for a whizz around the lake on his lovely boat. Fat chance says I….. you’ll never believe it ….. he did haha. So Amanda says yes, please that would be lovely ๐Ÿ˜Š  as She almost breaks a leg offering to go and grab a camera and sun screen from Pinot a few metres away . Oh no says I that’s very kind but we went on a tour yesterday of the lake we do not want to bother you. So after chatting for a few minutes, off he zooms. I’m not certain but if I hadn’t moved off the jetty, I’m pretty sure Amanda would have thrown me in behind him……..again ooops. 3 days later and Amanda is still talking about that ALMOST free spin around Lake Annecy in a very posh speedboat!

Camping la Panoramic .. and it was until we found the one right on the lake.

What a location … and so quiet too. Camping Du Lac, Tallories

Around Annecy town.We took Grigio up to Montmin where I got a serious attack of motorbike envy. A group of lads and lasses where on a tour on these things from Belgium and we had a great yarn with them. Amanda got worried when I learnt I could by a brand new one  to my own specs and chosen colour for only โ‚ฌ20,000. Australia really is ridiculously expensive ( wonder if I could get the import rights)

Only kidding Amanda, I only want to take one home pour MOIChateau Miralet … below :camp site ..Neuvic.. would have been a lovely place to explore if the weather had been kinder, but a very nice setting all the same. Just stayed the one night.Oradour

10th June 1944 a group of Nazis SS were retreating from Western France Eastwards when they stopped at this village and systematically murdered all its inhabitants that afternoon. Sadly amongst the 642 victims there were about 160 children. The men were rounded up in groups of6 and shot and the women and children were locked in the church and the church was burned with all inside who sadly died.

It’s a very moving and somber village to visit and each of the homes and shops have a plaque with the owners names attached.

A new village was quickly rebuilt however President Degaulle ordered that the village should remain as a museum and memorial to those murdered. With the recent terrorist murders it would appear we never seem to learn.
So sad x

On a Happy note off the mountains we go … oh no Al Pal says more bloody walking ( keep telling him off for swearing but it doesn’t work ).

Until next time xx

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  1. Beautiful photos, you are so fit makes me tired just reading the post!

    Sent from Denise Wareing

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  2. So pleased to see your lovely photos – You have not missed much have you? We are back in Spain and the weather is hot hot hot. Have you been on your River Cruise yet? Look forward to seeing the photos – only 2 weeks more and we are off on our Baltic Cruise. Keep having fun! x Rachel and Derek

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