Almost poisoned in Portugal


A surfing town in Portugal ..50 kms north of Lisbon. This was not on our list of places we wanted to see but a few people we had met mentioned it was worth a stop over. Once a traditional fishing village now hugely popular in the summer with an annual world championship surfing competition.  The old town was a delight. Along with some really lovely coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries etc

Old Town …gorgeous ornate sign posts on every corner

Not while we were there.

Even old run down buildings in Portugal are lovely

Tried something new .. delicious coconut and lemon cake 🙄

Surfing Museum and coffee shop

Stunning facade for a coffee shop that we never got to try as it was closed the two nights we were there.

We have met some very kind people along the way … this couple next to us on the campsite we were on were from the Belgium and were no exception. They introduced themselves and within a few minutes  asked Allen if he liked Belgium beer to which of course he replied he did .. would we like to join them for a glass when we came back from our exploring. It was late when we got back and all the lights were out, so never gave it another thought.  We woke up in the morning to a bottle of Belgium beer on our door step ( yes a snooze lie in )and a balloon, to wish us well on our travels, very sweet.

Our next stop was Nazare …this is the top spot for world surfing competitions renowned for its massive waves. We had been advised to go see this town from a few people.. we arrived, no waves very under whelmed with the town itself (maybe we were in the wrong spot) so continued driving. So the picture below is pinched from the internet and I’m sure it is a much different story when you see it like this.


Oooo this place was just gorgeous, super touristy but that’s what we are … Loved this place…picture postcard setting. The whole town is encircled with medieval walls, and complete with the cobbled roads and traditional painted houses.  Took about an hour to walk around the walls, treading very carefully after my antics the last few weeks. The wall was at least 20 metres high in some points with absolutely nothing to stop you falling to your death… maybe a little dramatic but you get the point.It was once owned by the the Queen of Portugal so all the houses and shops had to be lovingly cared for.

Not a great example of lovingly cared for wall ha ha but gorgeous all the same.

One euro shots for this delicious cherry liquor served in dark chocolate cups … yum

The region is famous for the cherry liquor – Ginja de Obidos made by infusing Morello Cherries in Aguardienle. Served in a dark chocolate small cup it was lovely … and very strong ! One Euro a shot, a bargain.

This little church played host to a young King and Queens marriage, nothing exceptional there except he was 10 and she was only 8 years old.

Porta do Vale .. main gate into town.

View from the top …

Lovely spot for Pinot, whilst we pottered around old town ..

We had planned on visiting Fatima a Portuguese catholic pilgrimage site, but the weather and the deviation inland changed our minds, plus we heard Papa was visiting so decided against it. So glad we did as it was the lead up to the Pope or Papa as he is affectionately known in Portugal visiting to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 3 Shepard girls seeing apparitions of the Virgin Mary ( Our lady of Fatima ). Seemingly 2 of the youngsters died shortly after and the third girl went on to live a long life and only died around 10 years ago. Thousands of people walk, some up to 80 kms to visit this site on this very special event. We saw hundreds on the road in various fluro coloured shirts, some carrying crosses, garlands of flowers etc….We are sure it’s worth a visit, regardless your religious beliefs and maybe next time we will get there

Foz Do Alreho

Time again for a chilled out few days, and this little spot ticked all the boxes. Our Aire for our stay was right on the Lagoon for a very attractive 6 Euros a night including electric… reminded us of Noosaville, Queensland. A large sandy strip on one side is the Atlantic, the other the tranquil waters of the Obidos lagoon. It is such a relaxing place, undeveloped ( but some gorgeous houses and a palace that was being carefully renovated by a very wealthy businessman from Lisbon) relaxed bars and restaurants…Allen trying to capture the essence of the place with handy photography.

Pinot somewhere there in the distance.

 Morning cups of tea, with this literally on our door step … bliss especially waking up extra early here 7.00 am ha ha so we were very much alone except for a few fishermen not far away.

Byo nuts, with our beer..this little place was four steps from Pinots front door ..

Al Pal said he wasn’t going to mention this little…..big mishap 😳😳 lovely lady toots the horn in her mobile fresh fish van one morning outside Pinot selling her wares. What a bargain 4 Lovely looking Sardines … and don’t they look gorgeous if I say so myself . Cooked perfectly I thought and so well presented and Allen took a snap to mark the occasion. Al was busy concentrating on other things when I asked him what to do with them. So I  washed them and coated them in flour etc. Wow they look fabulous Amanda well done, so looking forward to this .. seconds later oo yuck what the hellnis

this he yelped. You scaled them didn’t you love ? Sorry what ? I gave them a wash I replied …then I thought he was going to throw up as he opened them up … did you gut them ? Are you joking of course I didn’t ( I thought they felt heavy ) anyway next two seconds they were in the bin … so we had fish fingers instead .. I have never filleted a fish so lesson learnt , whoopsie. Should have left fish to Al to do

They did look good though

Little homeware addition from the beach.

Rode one day into Sao Martinho do Porto … few hard hills for me … hate hate hills ha ha but very rewarding as always …

Atlantic meets lagoon

Sunset .. Rods, but not a fisherman in sight.

A site for one of the 3 Shepard girls apparition.. substitute for Fatima and a lot less crowded…

Another wonderful 10 days … on to our next stop …


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  1. Beautiful photos….looks like you have now headed back to the cold…?.?. To be fair re the sardines Al we don’t normally scale and gut the sardines we see here! Though I agree these look a little bigger than we are used to!,,,!


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