We are definitely in Portugal ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡นย 

Yes, 100% we are here.

21st April

Amanda here, just to let you know I am still kicking, although there have been a couple occasions when Al Pal was ready to throw me overboard ( if we were in a boat ) . My navigation skills are not the best, I do know I am right most of the time, WRONG!! I am so wrong it’s not funny but every now and then Al Pal puts his confidence in me and quickly lives to regret it. Ending up in one way streets with the local bus coming towards is not a good thing ! His fingers have been sore on more than one occasion biting them with frustration ha ha ) when he has listened to me !  Must learn to sit and let the pilot do what he is best at and I will continue to feed him well ha ha 

After electronically activating our toll account we are now covered for a month to use the major toll roads (will avoid if we can though as you see so much more on the B roads ) and onto the Algarve we go.

We chose to visit the West of the Algarve as we  have previously said we can’t do everything so headed to Albuferia and then made a hasty u turn, definitely not for us. Further along the coast we stopped at Lagos. Everywhere is lovely and quiet as the season has not yet officially started for the summer. Found a site about 4 kms from the town a great base for our few days around this area.Had a fantastic walk one day from town up to the lighthouse and the beautiful rock formations. FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Am I happy ? Just a little

Great paths between vista’s

Praia do Camilo .. gorgeous

No, still too cold for our togs

Old town Lagos

Lots of tiled buildings. Sat here listening to a girl sing, out of sight but she was great

How would you like your Sardines ?


Took Grigio out on a very windy day, first stopping a Luz then onto Cape Vincent the most southwesterly point in Europe. We were freezing when we got there but some how the wind just died down and we spent the next two hours appreciating the raw beauty of this place, yes there are food vans and coaches but the area is huge and you felt like you were the only ones there if you explored like we did. 

The wild flowers were just stunning and Al took pics of most of them.This picture below begins a little story, top left is me, look to the right and if you can zoom in there is a fisherman there ! Yes ! Hard to believe. Turned out to be a very a very Grumpy French fisherman. Oh no not another Frenchman story ha ha. When we got closer we took a picture of him …oh dear not a Happy Chappy. Rude English people taking his picture. Eek friendly Al Pal ignores his comment big smile and tells him we are from Australia and he used to go big game fishing years past. Ooo complete change, Al Pal has a new best friend and is invited back to happy frenchmans motorhome to see his fishing pictures and a fishing gadget he bought online from Australia….so funny.

Allen’s new best friend, discussing the size of their biggest catches

When in Portugal have a Bratwurst Sausage, hey we got a certificate thrown in to say we had visited Cape Vincent

Not sure what extreme adventure they were doing here but looked scary

Allen’s handy work with pic collage

Next stop Vila de Milfontes stopping on the way in Aljezurs and the lovely little beachside spot of Odecixe , sure it is super busy come summer.Had a brief stop due to a sat Nav malfunction (no not me this time ๐Ÿค—) not sure what the puppets were sat here for but made for a lovely photo.

Found our next site for the next couple of days in between Porto Covo and Vila de Milfontes. 

Welcome drink on the beach, just the two of us

again the place is so quiet, but is lovely and Al Pal found the best cafe for Portuguese tarts and the best coffee we have had for a while in a very quaint setting.. But the tarts are addictive and we have had  one every day since we have been in Portugal!!! Must stop !!!

Bike ride, of course you need a Portuguese Tart

Just a bit of modern art

Cork trees galore

Big day … bike ride including stop for lunch at Porto Covo, sorry Sardines are not in season. These are the only ones we saw

Next day decided We would walk along the coastal route into Vila de Milfontes… hard going through mostly soft sand underfoot but so rewarding Just gorgeous. When we reached the town I said if I had to walk back the same way I would cry because it was hard work, why after afternoon tea and a coffee did I feel so energetic that I wanted to to walk back !! I was like a little child towards the end stomping my feet and shed a tear in the process too. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Allen bless him put hot water and softener in a bucket for me when we got home and eased the pain and blisters such a princess…..

The perfect lunch stop


The best Storks nest yet, what a view they have.

Very happy sat amongst the poppies… why did I decide it was a good idea to walk back too.

A great 3 nights …On the road again tomorrow for a new place to explore.

There is not a day goes by that I don’t pinch myself that that we have embarked on this adventure Very very grateful! 

Until next time xx

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