Home Alone

El Qinto .. home for the next six nights

We have been “living” in our new home for two nights and it’s very exciting …. but already Allen has had enough of this cosy living and returned to the UK ! … of course I am joking, he had to do a few bits and bobs over there so I am alone for a couple of nights. Last night managed totally fine although I did manage to make the alarm go off ! No idea as it is a very simple button. But very quickly turned it off. This morning I decided to use the toaster for the first time, that turned itself off after 2 minutes so I had limp brown bread with my avocado , at the same time the heater went off ! ( it’s still a little chilly here in the mornings) no this can’t be so .. so I put my technical cap on and thought hard 😂 it had just tripped the circuit. Woo hoo.

We have a lovely shower on board but as we our paying for power on this site will make use of the facilities . Off I trot with my toilet bag and towel in tow to the shower block ( and clothes for the day ) hop in shower, clothes sort of on hook, bag on floor, turn the tap on to Lordy Lordy cold water and me making lots of ooooo omg sounds. Luckily I hear a familiar voice who informs me to press the round button and you will get hot water, now we are talking …until my leggings fall into the water and the  drain seems blocked as I see my toilet bag drifting away. So note, only take the bare minimum to the shower block. It will get easier!

It’s a lovely little site in a very pretty spot, still In Mojocar but up in the hills this time instead of near the ocean. First day we were here a lovely German lady came selling her wares in a little van and was doing a roaring trade ( maybe I can start a muffin truck ) of course we had to buy a couple of treats to go with a cup of tea ( yes we do not just drink white or red as it appears in most pictures). Tomorrow our gourmet Steak & Stilton pie is delivered. Please Louise help the waistline !

Delicious German Treats

Yesterday had a very long bike ride after Allen left, down onto the Playa and beyond, ended up being out most of the day, including a couple of refreshment stops, returning with a very very red face from all my hard work ! Had a one quick happy hour drink with neighbours then an early night in my little nest. All around are super friendly people who are always eager to help a lending hand to us L platers.

Well worth the hard work for this view

Today’s cycling was around here so went exploring, but so many of roads and tracks  go down down down and I knew I had to come up up up so it wasn’t quite as long as yesterday but loved it .It is Andalucian day today.(ok this is where Al usually does his history speel or the likes) so: in Feb 1980 voters supported this referendum for Andalucia to become an autonomous community in Spain, meaning freedom to govern its own affairs. ….  Bravo !!! to me !  So today to celebrate this public holiday up in the Pueblo they make a gigantic Paella free for everyone, lucky for me it was Chicken and Pork and it was delicious. A lovely afternoon.

Lots and lots of people having a wonderful time enjoying the sunshine.

In recent blogs we have said how amazing the Tapas and food in general has been here in Spain, Friday night we went to a Rod Stewart tribute show. To be fair he was ok, very old rocker but there again the real Rod is no spring chicken either.  The meal however was the worst meal I can ever recall having ha ha thank goodness that’s a one off. So after headed for another little bar where some great live music was playing.

Tomorrow night Allen comes home, yay  😊 We are going out with the lovely Yorkshire couple we met as they leave on Thursday morning. We are going to a restaurant down on The Playa, then maybe after to a great beach bar / lounge where Al and I had a very  very happy night last week.

My home alone experience wasn’t too bad and Pinot and I survived.

Until next time, take care everyone x

Special love and hugs to our dear friend Bruce xxxxx

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  1. Hey you managed a blog on our own and no sign of wine!

    Sent from Denise Wareing


  2. Beautiful photos and very cool now that you are living the gypsy life…definitely suits you. Definitely way to go!!!! Looks like those bikes are coming in handy with all the extra snack stops haha! Xx

    Sent from my iPad



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