Snippets from the last week in UK ..

30th Jan

Firstly, apologises I have found a new friend, my selfie stick much to Allen’s horror.fullsizerender

Northumberland until recently had been a place we had never visited. Now Allen’s Mum and Dad have moved up there from Lancashire to be near his younger brother and family we have been able to explore this part of the UK. Newcastle was until not that long ago a prominent ship building and coal mining town, but both died in the 70’s & 80’s. Great shopping centre in the city. The money generated round Northumberland has resulted in some beautiful Georgian architecture.Some of the department stores have amazing food halls complete with wine bars if you feel inclined, the cakes ( oh dear we have sampled a lot ! ) are just gorgeous.  In general cosmetics are less expensive in UK in comparison to Australia (the exchange rate at the moment obviously helps) wine is so much cheaper here too. (Happy days).The waist line seems to be expanding but I do not know why with all the exploring and long walks we do.

Date & Orange slice or oodles of blueberry filled muffins

Dad Powell is not too well at the moment and is waiting for news to have a hip replacement, it’s been a long and painful 2 years for him waiting for some relief. The pins that were removed haven’t been as successful as hoped so he has not been able to drive, so he insisted we use his car while we’re in Newcastle. Headed north one day to Bamburgh village which has a lovely castle ( visited there last May ) but didn’t get to walk on the beach. This time we did and it was just gorgeous, cold but a lovely sunny crisp day, perfect for the 2 hour return walk.

Allen’s artistic side at work

img_1707-1After a few days of arranging Appointments it was time to go down to Lancashire to spend a couple of nights with an old school friend of ours ( I was with her the night I met Allen way back in 1977 ) also caught up with Allen’s older brother Martin and his wife Marge which was lovely.( Martin, photo when we come back) caught up with other school friends in Lytham, an afternoon of lots of laughs and a trip down memory lane.Fiona & Gillian … Carr Hill secondary days fond memories Allen calls us a Coven!Denise and her husband Michael, lots of news to catch up on.

Allen and I by now are full of a cold  ( had to happen sooner or later) had a whistle stop to the  newly renovated Blackpool pier ha haEnjoyed lytham, pretty place lovely cafes, wine bars and shops. Wasn’t too keen on seeing the pheasant hanging outside the fish shop. My brother Noel has got m a members ticket to watch Newcastle United play this afternoon……pics to follow.After a lovely few days in Lancashire it was time to go back to Newcastle.  Stopped overnight just outside Keswick. No pics of either of us here as we are both looking pretty horrendous! 

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  1. A photo!!!!!! In your dreams. Martin.


  2. Love the photos…all that winter gear looks very enticing with the heat we are experiencing here.

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  3. Great photos. Love reading your blog, keep the stories coming. xx


  4. Hello happy travellors great photos and loved the idea of the cakes and wine could spend a whole day just there. Keep the news coming. Amazing as you are both rugged up and it is sooooo humid and hot here. Re the selfie stick ohhhh Amanda lots of love Stew and lyndy

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    • 😊
      They even have a wine and cheese bar in the middle of a Marks and Spencer’s food hall, yes you would love them ha ha
      Loved your comment re my selfie friend, Allen’s not too bad now, unless I extend the purple pole to its full capacity!
      Hope the heat starts to ease off soon.
      Love to you both xx


  5. Loving your posts sweetie, looking forward to your next destination. Xxx

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  6. Love the photos. Some places looked beautiful. Only one good thing for a cold…a few shots of rum. Keep having fun you two.


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