The Big Wet


Another storm about to hit

As mentioned in a previous blog, Amanda encouraged me not to use any colorful language and I promised I would only use it when it brought something to the story. I also made a decision to try not to talk about the weather.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

We managed to have a coffee up here under brollies

It has not stopped BLOODY RAINING for the past 5 days! There we are, I’ve slipped up and broke my promise. In the past 19 days, it has rained at some point through the day for 16 of them. The last 5 days however we’ve been treated to some seriously crap weather. I swear my toes and fingers are developing little skin folds between them in case I need to swim to the mainland, it’s evolution on steroids. It’s getting a little monotonous with our activities severely restricted with the rain, so a little boredom is starting to creep in (hence this rant). Apparently some flights have been delayed and even cancelled and Amanda has declared she’ll start building a raft if we can’t escape on Monday. The shoreline looks like we’ve been through a cyclone with coconuts, logs, WHOLE bloody trees lying on the beach as far as the eye can see. Yesterday in a bid to escape the Hotel confines we took a taxi to Chewang in search of a decent cup of Coffee and on the way we ended up in 2 foot fast flowing water near the town center. There were locals casting shrimp nets in the main street, seriously! Just as we turned a corner a 9 meter tree fell a couple of meters after we had just passed it. Lucky escape.Anyway we enjoyed the coffee and tried to get a cab back a couple of hours later and the little buggers wanted $40 for a $7 fair due to the conditions. I hope the little Buddhist driver is reincarnated as a fish in his next life for being so greedy. On a serious note, 5 poor locals drowned in the last 36 hours when they were carried away in cars and scooters so we can’t take ourselves too seriously. We leave here on Monday and apparently the Island will be bathed in sunshine for the foreseeable future ha ha.img_8542

In a bid to spice things up last night I ditched the Singa beer and reached a new low. Drinking Pina Coladas out of a jam jar with a handle through a straw ! For the princely sum of $2 each. …so not all bad. In the last 3 hotels we’ve had great pools (all 25m) so Amanda and I have been doing 25 laps in the mornings but this hotel has a very small circular pool, so I bought ONE flipper and now just swim around it in circles in an effort to reduce the effects of too much beer.


I’m trying to keep smiling…….honest!

This whole rain thing reminds me of line in Mrs Browns boys (British TV show) where she is listening to a couple of 7th day Adventists in her home and they refer to a biblical quote about 40 days and 40 nights rain, whereby the Irish mother Mrs Brown says ” In Ireland we call the Summer” I think she meant Koh Samui !





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  1. Sounds like fun β˜”β˜”β˜”πŸΎπŸŒ΄

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  2. Sounds like fun!!
    Think of your experience as prep for the UK in January.
    We are having hot days and then b____y hot days (see, did better than you Allen) and inbetween a few storms and showers. But, we’re not complaining??
    Seriously all well here.
    Carry on enjoying yourselves and have a good and safe flight.
    X Glynis and Roland

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  3. Lovely weather here in uk,frosty mornings which turn into bright sunshine days!

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  4. Such unseasonal weather….. it’s usually cooler and drier!!! So unlucky…..πŸŠβ˜”οΈπŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§


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