Seasons Greetings from Bophut, Koh Samui



Sunrise from Hotel

Wishing all our family and friends a wonderful Christmas. We three (kings) oops I mean Me , Amanda and Cara set off early on the 15th for Changi Airport en route to Koh Samui, but not without a little drama. Just as we pulled up at the departures, Cara suddenly realized she had left 3 of her dresses back in the wardrobe in the hotel. A hasty decision was made to catch the flight and have the dresses forwarded.img_8186

Not that simple (or cheap) and after at least 9 phone calls and $180 the rogue dresses arrived in Koh Samui after a very long trip around South East Asia. The hotel is on the beach and is only a 5 minute walk along the beach to lots of good restaurants. We have 2 great little bungalows (allowing Amanda to have the occasional sleepover with Cara !

Anyway the weather on the first week has been wet, wet and more wet. I’m talking biblical wet here. I still hadn’t taken the top off the sunblock until day 6. So a lot of time spent at the gym, restaurants , massages , shopping (cara) and bar, so not all was lost. Thankfully now the weather appears to have settled and normal holiday routine has begun by adding swimming to the usual stuff. In fact the girls talked me into an Aqua aerobics session this morning, 10 women and me and another poor guy. I can say that I wont be appearing on “So you think you can dance” anytime soon.

Oh and on day 3 another little drama…..I lost/dropped/had stolen my credit card and after much messing about with calls and emails etc we got it cancelled, without anyone getting their greedy mits on my brass, so now Amanda pays for everything (good outcome after all). The hotel is on the beach, which we can now actually see now the cyclone conditions (slight exaggerate have abated. Food has been excellent with plenty of steamed fish, satay, fruit and salads and cold Singa beers for me and Maitai’s , Daquiris etc for the girls. Tonight we have booked to have dinner at the hotel, where there is by all accounts a Christmas extravaganza………we shall see what that translates to and update you at a later date.

We hired a car for a couple of days and had a great little trip around the Island.

ps Amanda has given me strict instructions not to use any colorful or naughty words (might be a little challenging) Next update from Lipa noi



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  1. Oooh you make me want to be there. Glad you are having a great time. Have a wonderful Christmas and new year xxx brenda

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  2. Have a lovely Christmas see you soon x

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  3. A very MerryXmss to you all. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves whilst getting prepared for the UK rains. X. Glynis and Roland.

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